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"Greetings, Shotoku Taishi!
The great emperor has chosen you to build our temple.
Go find the construction site in the east and build the temple."

Use Left or Right to walk.
"Haunted spirits are afoot. They are a threat to our temple.
We need to build defenses!"

Find a free spot and hold Left and Right to build an archer's tower.
You don't need resources to place the construction site.
"We don't have enough resources. We need to gather wood and stone."

Hold Left and Right while standing next to a tree or rock to collect resources.
"As soon as night falls, the haunted spirits will attack!
We need to construct more defenses."

Upgrade the temple to unlock more buildings and increase the buildable area.
A prayer pole indicates the limit of the buildable area.
pick building:  Left or Right
confirm selection:  Left and Right
Sound Muted
No Particles
Press Left and Right to restart.